Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kid Creature

I meet Calvin aka Kid Creature about 6-7 months ago at Andrew Doheny's pad. Andrew said something about Cal making t-shirts and I was kinda like "yeah cool", not really thinking much of it. Then Calvin cruises over to say hi and he is wearing the freakiest cyclops t shirt thing I've ever seen. So I ask him if thats one of his shirts. The kid is so humble he barely admits he made it.

Fast Forward to today and Kid Creature is on the Volcom art team, selling shirts around the world and hanging out with Dane Reynolds making art together?!?!?!

I've also become great friends with Calvin and his family. They are some of the most amazing/humble people I've ever met and it's a friendship I know will last a lifetime.

Look out for more collaborations with Kid Creature/Two Dollars Please in the near future.

Here is a campaign for GSN I was able to include Kid Creature in: