Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Kane & Unke Blog

My friends over at Kane & Unke decided to put together a new blog to keep you in the loop on their happenings.

If you havent checked out Kane & Unke gear go to Metropark and pick up a Jacket. Their stuff has been selling out super fast so get on it while it last.

I am part of their art team and Direct and Edit their commercials and am lucky enough to call the owners some of my best friends.

If you have been to some shows around LA you probably have seen fellow artists Tessar Lo and Yoskay Yamamoto rocking Kane & Unke's Gear. They have some t-shirts by me and a few other insane artists you know comin soon. So please show some support.

To be honest, they have the best fitting clothes I have ever worn in my life. So if you wanna look fresh and support a good quality brand run by great people, grab some gear!!