Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Piece

"No Cream, No Sugar."

18X36X3 Acrylic, India Ink, Gesso

Monday, January 19, 2009

"Nobody Walks in LA" Price list

They just put up a price list on the blog were you can also purchase a piece.


I think they are all very reasonably priced.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Clean bill of health, not so clean hospital bill

So just to let everyone know I went to the doctor for the first time since the hospital a few days ago and somehow my body has reversed the whole kidney thing.

Gave me a clean bill of health. Said I was very lucky I got on it so quick and got the proper treatment ASAP.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers, I know thats what really pulled me through this!

Now all I gotta worry about is the not so clean hospital bill.

Gotta love that we are in a bazzilion dollar war for no reason and yet barely anyone I know has health care. Great job Republicans!!!YEah

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nobody walks in LA

Finally got some time to get back to painting and other video projects.

Here is a piece I recently finished for the "Nobody walks in LA" show in Barcelona

"Raining the Blues" 18X24X3 Deep Gallery Canvas, Acrylics, Gesso

Daily duJour LA and Atticus Gallery BCN have teamed up to bring some of the most exciting emerging contemporary Los Angeles based artists to Barcelona for an exhibition during the international Bread and Butter Fair. The newly launched DailyduJour.com wanted to make an immediate splash internationally and was only too happy to work with the young and fresh Barcelona based Atticus Gallery, whose director Tina Ziegler has strong ties to California and Los Angeles.

The show has been titled “Nobody Walks in LA,” as a reference to the stereotypical idea that Los Angeles residents are all the same – when the reality is that Los Angeles has become one of the most diverse cities and cultural melting pots in the world. The artists in the show represent that melding of culture and styles with everything from urban street to abstract expressionism. Artists in the show are both LA natives and transplants.

The exhibition will take place on Jan. 23, 2009, at the beautiful Master Art ,300 meters sq. gallery location .

Opening reception from 6 pm to 12pm.
Master Art
on Calle Johann Sebastian Bach 14, Barcelona Spain.

Exhibiting artists include:

Yoskay Yamamoto (www.yoskay.com)

Nate Frizzell (www.natefrizzell.com)

Scott Belcastro (www.scottbelcastro.blogspot.com)

Tessar Lo (www.tessarlo.com)

Edwin Ushiro (www.mrushiro.com)

Amanda Visell (www.amandavisell.com)

Joe Ledbetter (www.joeledbetter.com)

Cameron Tiede (www.camerontiede.com)

KMNDZ (www.kmndz.com)

Jack Long (www.jacklong.com)

David Flores (www.davidfloresart.com)

Jeremy Lynch (www.jasherlynch.blogspot.com)

Joshua Petker (www.joshuapetker.com)

Nathan Ota (www.nathanota.com)

Mike Bilz(www.mikebilz.blogspot.com)

Derek Albeck(www.derekalbeck.com)

Ken Garduno (www.kengarduno.com)

Mike Shinoda (www.mikeshinoda.com)

Randy Noborikawa (www.randynoborikawa.com)

Steven Daily (www.stevendaily.com)

Tiffany Liu (www.tiffanyliu.com)

Tom Haubrick(www.haubscomix.com)

Nick Yarger

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So my kidneys decided to fail on me lately

The day after this Christmas I started to get real sick. After 4 days of lying in bed with what I thought at time was a Stomach flu, I decided to call Mom and ask for some advice. My mom was a nurse for many years so I thought she could lend me some advice.

She tells me my symptoms sounds strange and that I should go see a doctor. So I decided to go the next morning. Doc checks me out and says I probably just had a stomach flu that had been going around. But she thought my symptoms sounded strange and that a blood test was a good idea. I was thinking, "that is gonna be another 100 bucks" thought about saying no, then decided to text Mom again. She says do it.

I start to feel a little better, work the next day(new years eve). New Years day I feel a little better but still something is wrong in my abdomen. So the day after new years I am chillin with my kids getting ready to go take them to the park, when i get a call.

The doctor with a very stern voice says she got my blood results back and I need to go to the ER immediately. I was stunned to say the least.

Long story short, I get a bizzilion blood and urine tests done and find out for whatever reason my kidneys are working at 15-20%. At 10% they put you on dialysis. No Bueno.

I spend the next 3 days at the hospital taking terrible medicine that gives me diarrhea, headaches, and overall pain.

So now I am home not 100%, my kidneys are at 60%. The doctors are still uncertain of what happened and if what they diagnosed me with is possibly something much worse. I have to be on the worst medicine ever, that makes me feel like crap. I am on a very strict diet for months. I have to go get blood and urine test once a week for months. And I like most Americans have no health insurance, and no idea how this is all getting paid for.(Vote Democratic!)

To say the least the last week and a half has been very surreal and very tough on my family. But through all of this madness I have a weird peace about it all. I know that all of this happened for a reason. Maybe to help put things in perspective. To show me life is short. To help me appreciate how blessed of a life I lead. Or possibly someone I know who sees me going through this needed to. For whatever reason.

I am very healthy, active and 30 and my kidneys are going bad for no reason.

I thought I needed to share this story cause it has made a real impact on my life and my family's. It's amazing how when everything is kinda just busy, busy, work, work, you barely look around and stop to see what you already have.

I hope someone out there gets something out of this cause I know I did.