Monday, June 30, 2008

tiffany bozic

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Basse Wedding

I went to the most incredible wedding ever last night in the westlake village, deep in the cut for my friend Beau Basse(owner of Project:Gallery LA, Paper Tiger) and his wife to be Christine Lee. It was in the middle of fields of Lemon Tree's, surrounded by mountains. They also had Chinese Dragon Dancers which I had never seen before. I have to say it was the greatest performance art act I have ever seen.I was actually the videographer for the event as Baeu didn't want a typical wedding video. So hopefully I can come through and create a cool docu-style film.

Anyway they also had the coolest photo booth I had to stop in before I left.

My Congrads to Beau and Christine.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Help get Analog Color on Television!!!PLEASE!!

Please help me get ANALOG COLOR on television.

Check it out:

It is being considered for inclusion in Current News pod, an open, participatory newscast on the web and Current TV.

How do I get my show included in Current News? Your votes, comments and sharing activity all merge together in our algorithmic soup to bubble up the most fascinating content to the top of the Current. com homepage. Use the send button to let your friends know about your awesome post and encourage them to vote on your submission, and improve your chances of making it to air. You can also include a link on your Myspace, Facebook, blog, or other social networking sites-tell everyone to come vote for you! Don't forget to check the timer on the homepage, so you know how much time is left before the next item is chosen for Current News.

Want to improve my chances of getting ANALOG COLOR on TV? Use the share button to let your friends know about your awesome post and encourage them to vote on my submission.

Thanks for any support,

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Glen Willard:Super Fiend

Glen Willard is a crackhead superhero hailing from Berlin, Maryland. His father was a Meth dealer and his mother an exotic dancer.

Blowing a hit from his pipe, Willard stumbles into the smoke and vanishes from fellow fiends.

His toddler blanky serves both as a cape, and on those nights that he sleeps under a bridge or in a drainage ditch, a blanket.

He keeps the projects safe by thiefing all the crack for himself, thereby saving the inner city children.

A couple of awesome animations

Monday, June 16, 2008

works in progress

thought i would post some picks of a munny I am working on for a friend. It still has lots of work to go.

BTW he is like a crack head superhero