Monday, April 14, 2008

New piece

So when I moved to California about 8 months ago I had to get a car for myself because I sold my truck in Florida before I left. So I bought a Subaru Outback off of a guy in Encinitas. I have been driving this car all around southern California, all through San Diego, Orange County, and many trips to LA/Hollywood.

Today my wife walks into the house and says,"Have you ever looked at you license plate holder on your car?". I looked at her puzzled. She then proceeds to tell me that my license plate from the previous owner reads and has read all over Southern California,"I WOULD RATHER BE BLADING."

Now some of you may say,"Cowabunga". But unfortunately I have spent a good part of my life making fun of Bladers(fruit booters,Rollerbladers,Turbo Bladers). So it was a huge blow to my ego. I immediately removed it and replaced it with one closer to my heart, reading, "I WOULD RATHER BE RAZOR SCOOTING!"


Oh yeah and I in the middle of my ego's destruction I managed to squeeze out a new piece for a friend. Enjoy!

"A day in the life", 18x24x3 deep gallery canvas, acrylic, india ink, paint pen