Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Art of Surfing DEL MAR

Last Saturday me and the fam took as trip down to Del Mar to check out The Art of Surfing Festival. It was way cool. They had about 100 super cool surfboards from all kinds of great shapers. Got to see a board shaped like a seed, and painted by Thomas Campbell. I cant believe I didnt get a pic of that(sorry). It was very cool though. They also had a surf contest going on along with live music and food. But my real mission was to check out some art in the Gallery they had set up inside. I was very impressed with all of the artists work. The standouts were Scott Chenoweth (freakin amazing), Thomas "The Master"Campbell (of course), Alex Knopps(very original), some cool Andy Davis stuff, a huge Wolfgang Bloch piece, and some beautiful photos by surfing legend Rob Machado.

All in all a fantastic event. Here are some pics

Click on pic for a larger version